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Create and place adcodes and monetize your website traffic. Get money for every valid click from your websites. Our system ensures maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads from highest bidders on your websites.

  • High Paying CPM and CPC - We are trying to keep a 99% fill rate with high paying ads for all of your traffic.
  • Fast Approvals - We will verify your website as soon as possible. You will start earning very soon.
  • Withdraw Funds on Demand - Once you reach $2 you can request payout and we will process it in 24 hours.
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Promote your business using our Pay Per Click (PPC) or CPM ads and generate top quality leads to your websites. Your ads will have widespread reach as they are served in our enormous publisher network. Create your ads in Banner or Text format and control the target audience of your ads by configuring geographical filters.

  • Supports Multiple Ad Types - Banners & Text Ads.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising - Pay only when your ad is clicked.
  • Precise Targeting - Target your ads by country.
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We have been using AdsBit for some time now and we have been so pleased with the results we have got, the results have been nothing but positive. If you need to get your business out there AdsBit is the perfect advertising solution for your business or just for personal use in promoting your website.

AdsBit has been our top leading bitcoin advertising network with over 200 publishing websites and growing fast each day. You have the option to spread your name out there among these premium websites and that is what we did, great rates and low fees, what else could you ask for!

I have been running bitcoin faucets over the years and one of the hardest things about it is maintaining a profit while still being able to fund my faucet to keep it running. AdsBit has made all this possible with there superb adverting platform which has allowed me to keep my faucet going.

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